Friday, July 24, 2009

District #1 - S. Transit

Bethany, August 31, 1887.
The annual school meeting called to order, Philip Burks appointed chairman
Grove[sic] W. Dauchy clerk
Trustees report accepted
Collectors report accepted
Daniel M Plucker Trustee
Wakefield Burks Collector
James Biggert[sic] Librarian
G.W. Dauchy

4 Corners of Transit, Shepard, Dublin Roads
"Dauchy" District #1

As the number indicates, it was the first school built. The building was erected in 1834 at the four corners formed by the Transit, Shepard, and Dublin Roads. Three of the early trustees were Metcalf Holden, Joseph Gillett, and Samuel Smith.

The Dauchy family, Smith Dauchy and his wife Sarah, came from Connecticut in 1833. They ventured to Bethany just over the Pavilion town line. They had two children, a son, Grover, and a daughter, Nellie.


Bethany, N.Y. August 7, 1889.

It is resolved that the district buy 10 cords of dry beech or maple wood,
to be delivered at the school house
by the 1st of Nov. 1889.

Bought wood of James Baker
consideration $1.65 per. cord.

W.E. Hurst, Clerk

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