Monday, July 27, 2009

District #5 - Mayne District

Receipt for School Teacher Mary Budd at School District #5:
$82.50 ~ for Nov. 1876 through March 1877


District # 5

Mayne District

Located on the Bethany Center Road, north of Bethany Center, early records
from 1853-1854 reported that two cords of wood cost $2.91, two and one-half
lbs of chalk were 11 cents, and postage on the district report was 3 cents.
The wages for the teacher, from November to March, amounted to $147.76.

This district had a lower tax rate due to the large assessment of the DL&W
Railroad, during the hard times of the 1930s.
Due to abundant funds, taxpayers voted to furnish free textbooks for its
pupils, as well as art supplies and paper. With its wiring for electricity,
modern movable-type desks, and purchases of library books it became one of
the best equipped schools in the area in the late 1920s, while having the
smallest building in size, about 18 feet square.

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