Monday, July 27, 2009

District #4 - Co. Home District

District # 4

District 4 was known as the "County Home District" due to its proximity to
the Poor House - later called the Old County Home at the nearby
intersection. Two buildings had been built, due to a fire destroying the
first one, built in 1834; the second one, built in 1915.

In the mid-to latter 1800s, the John Erwin family lived next to this school; their daughter, Olive Erwin, taught here.

After electricity was installed, evening programs and a few civic meetings
were enjoyed here.

During the 1920-1930s, this particular district had many families who had
immigrated to the area. These people often could neither understand or
speak English. The school's help and encouragement assisted the younger
generation interpret for the parents. Often in legal business transactions,
a family's oldest child would be excused from classes to talk for and with
mother and father.

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